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February 05, 2020 - Team Workspace

Create your company workspace and add your team members with your compan’y branding. With 500 GB storage and advanced user permission controls, use your drone maps effectively more than ever. Read this blog to learn more →

Team Workspace

Other bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed UX issue with drop down of user permission in share widget
  • Use shift + left click to select multiple adjacent annotations in annotation panel
  • Changing color of points immediately after creating them gave error message.

January 08, 2020 - Live Location

Now view your live location on mobile devices. See where you are, on your site visits with just one tap on Indshine mobile.

Other bug fixes & improvements

  • Error message for failed map layers
  • Option to permanently delete failed map layers
  • Canvas was crashing on map deletion

December 30, 2019 - Freeze Project Preferences

Now save layer preferences in your projects which includes:

  • Order of layers
  • Visibility, Opacity of Layers
  • Fixed Colormap instead of default colormap for 1-banded layers
  • Custom Elevation/Band Values
  • Hillshading for single band

layer preferences

Other bug fixes & improvements

  • Annotations were not visible in PDFs generated using print option
  • Enhanced image quality in PDFs for maps
  • Interface improvement for print functionality

December 16, 2019 - Real Time Experience

We have always been amazed with the power of real time collaboration in applications such as Google Docs. We want to create similar experience for our users working on their drone maps. Today we are introducing first phase of our real time experience - online user tracking. You can now see other collaborators of your project working with you in navbar.

GIF illustrating live user tracking

Other bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed cursor related issue with draw tools.
  • Measure and area tool didn't worked without creating at least one annotation.

December 08, 2019 - New features in draw tool

We now support translate and duplicate functionality for lines and polygons. You can move annotations or create duplicates using simple keyboard shortcuts.

Duplicate and translate shortcuts in draw tools

  • Use cmd/ctrl + drag to move lines and polygons on map
  • Use option/alt + drag to create duplicate of lines and polygons

Other bug fixes & improvements

  • Owner permission could be changed to can view or can edit
  • Processing of few raster files were not initiated after upload

November 26, 2019 - Enhanced Sharing Experience

Using share widget to add or invite new collaborators in a project will be more simpler. Text input field of share widget will suggest you users whom you share most. You can also search users using email addresses and if they don't show up in search, invite them.

Other bug fixes & improvements

  • Images were not rendering at the edges of map layers.
  • Now, a preview will be generated at all social media and messaging platforms whenever user will share project links.

October 27, 2019 - Comments v2.0

Today we launched the new and much more advanced design of comment tool. Collaboration among team members is important and this will allow you to do just that.

gif showing comment tool

With this new version of comment tool you can:

  • Drop comments anywhere on the map.
  • Use comments to drop notes, highlight issues, and assign them to other collaborators.
  • Mention other collaborators of the project using "@" prefix
  • Reply and resolve comments to make your on-site work more efficient.

October 06, 2019 - Many reliability & performance improvements

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Shows error message "Authorization Token Missing" for sessions longer than 1 hour
  • Users were unable to work for longer hours due to authorization token expiration
  • Unable to compute volume from elevation raster files with CRS WGS84
  • Volume computation with custom value of surface was not working
  • Proper error messages during Login and Signup

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