Unleash the power of map intelligence.

Plan, monitor and manage complex projects with actionable insights from drone maps. Increase your bottom line and increase return on your investments.





Maximize your yield production with map intelligence.

Measure crop performance with Indshine

Indshine aims to increase crop yield of farms by providing actionable insights.

With support of vegetation indices, optimize your resources to areas which require attention. Indshine is device agnostic, which makes field scouting & ground-truthing much easier with map access from mobile devices.

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Where Indshine comes into play

One of the biggest challenges is to have actionable insights for each phase in a crop cycle.

Crop Monitoring

  • bullet Identify stress regions with the support of vegetation indices such as NDVI, NDRE, etc.
  • bullet Optimize the cost of resources like fertilizers, insecticides, & pesticides based on data intelligence.
  • bullet Highlight your stress zones using draw tools and estimate resource requirements.
  • bullet Monitor change with time by mapping at regular intervals.
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Agriculture Illustration

Safe, Secure & Accessible

  • bullet Easily share your work with colleagues and clients.
  • bullet We are device agnostic and accessible to any device, anywhere.
  • bullet No worries about data management and hardware limitations.
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