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Access GBs of your drones maps directly from browser. You can add multiple layers of orthomosaics, elevations models, thermal & NDVI maps in a single project.

With no hardware limitations, your data is always accessible to you from any device.

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Get powerful insights from analytical tools. Whether you want to calculate stockpile volume, calculate cross section profile or measure distances & area.

All tools available for your industrial use-case, right in your browser.


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Work along with your team & client. It’s time to work smart rather than hard.

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Map Styling

Customize your base-map as per requirement and get the most out of it.

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Import & Export

With the support of kml, shp & geoJSON files, easily migrate your data to/from other applications.



Gain traction & reach out to more clients by embedding your projects directly in your website & blogs. Showcase your work with much more ease.

Give a more realistic experience to your audience with embeds.

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Control the privacy of your data with permission control

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Secure Data

With cloud security & reliability you never have to fear data loss

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No Hardware Limitations

No need for heavy investments on high end PCs. We are completely device agnostic

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Annotations & Groups

Easily manage thousands of annotations with groups. It works exactly like folder system. With a single source of truth there is no need to manage version histories.

You can also import/export vector files in .shp, .kml and .geoJSON formats.


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Restore deleted maps & projects from archive.

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Get deeper insights on how values in single band maps are distributed.

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