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Saksham Bhutani

Saksham Bhutani , Marketing Head at Indshine

October 13, 2019


Cities around the world are becoming increasingly popular as economic powerhouses and magnets for migrants from rural and suburban areas. All big cities in First and Third World countries, as well as emerging markets such as New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Delhi, Jakarta, etc., have to cope with a high population density. How do we pack more people into big cities? How do we increase residents’ quality of life? Probably cities getting smart is the only way out.

Riverfront developments is a wide concept which includes development around the waterfront in the form of green spaces, recreational activities, ashrams, museums, roads, etc. to create employment opportunities and instilling peace in the life of the people. In this case, the Narmada darshan path will open avenues for street hawkers and can act as the center of tourism for Jabalpur City. This also had a religious outlook as the Narmada is seen as one of the goddesses in India. Riverlife has published a guide on the riverfront development.

Jabalpur City had a similar concern and Jabalpur Smart City Limited (JSCL) officials rolled out Narmada Darshan Path as one of their upcoming projects within the Narmada Riverfront development initiative: http://jscljabalpur.org/upcoming-projects/.

Alignment of Narmada Darshan Path on Orthomosaic

Background Challenges

Jabalpur Smart City administration awarded the work of a detailed project report (DPR) of finalizing the alignment of Narmada Darshan Path to Planner India consultants. The officials were worried about some important concerns while witnessing the planning of the Narmada Darshan Path. Some of the engineering challenges they had were:

  1. In India, relocating government buildings is a big challenge, and, there existed many government buildings in the vicinity of the Narmada River. So, figuring out the right alignment for Narmada Darshan Path in the midst of all was an interesting task.
  2. Due to hilly terrain and lack of approaches, land surveying techniques seems not feasible.

Image showing elevation profile of Narmada Bank


Aerial survey was carried out of the whole surrounding area (approx. 6.5 sq. km) using quad-copter with a 20MP RGB lens to generate orthomosaic, digital elevation model and contour.

specifications of final deliverables in aerial survey

Orthomosaics and Digital Surface models were prepared using photogrammetry software.

Snapshot of Orthomosaic of Narmada Riverfront development project


With the new approach of aerial surveying in place, they are able to overcome the before mentioned limitations and challenges.

  1. With the orthomosaic (high-resolution georeferenced image), officials were able to check and resolve conflict with other proposed and existing structures. Also, precise land boundaries were superimposed over the existing design drawings to avoid any further disputes, specifically Water Treatment Plant in the planning stage itself.

High-resolution orthomosaic showing water treatment plant

  1. Using the Digital Elevation Model and contours, accurate cross-sectional and longitudinal profiles were generated which enabled Jabalpur City to do cost estimation and complete project planning ahead of time.

DSM of Narmada Riverfront project


Ideally, the road should follow the contour pattern of the region, being the most economical option. Thus, Digital Elevation Model (DEM) with contours superimposed led to the right alignment of the Narmada Darshan Path.

Mr. Shyam Lal (CEO, Planner India) explains - The timelines of creating a detailed project report were stringent and we were thinking for aerial flying solutions including helicopters. But finally, drones came to our rescue, saving us time and money. Indshine platform helped us in post analyzing the drone maps and acted as an intuitive tool for Jabalpur City officials to review the finalized alignment.

The same information was covered in the local news media which attracted a lot of attention : https://www.patrika.com/jabalpur-news/narmada-special-road-in-jabalpur-2397523/ https://youtu.be/GTPm8HXtD0Q

** Contributors ** : Shashank Tewari, Deepali Joshi

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