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Himanshu Nagrath

Himanshu Nagrath , CEO at Indshine

February 05, 2020


In recent years, the usage of drones in commercial industries has increased manifold. Drones are now the contemporary go-to option for planning and monitoring of on-site changes. From being used to estimate crop performance in agriculture, to the calculation of stockpile volume in mining sites, and planning construction projects, drones have proven to be a la mode for various such solution-based industries. However, working with drone maps often prove to be very troublesome. File sizes are in GBs, which makes sharing and collaboration very difficult, and work efficiency is dependent on device configuration. At Indshine, our aim is to provide an improved and collaborative environment to stakeholders who are using drone maps to find actionable insights for their project.

For those who don't know about us, Indshine is a browser based analytics platform for drone maps designed for collaboration.

Indshine's Team Plan is an important step towards the goal of making the usage of drones easy and accessible. With Team Plan, users will get their individual workspaces where an admin from the company can add all their team members, share projects with their clients along with unified billing and invoices for the companies. Users can set-up workspaces with the brand of their company along with their individual domain names. Unlike professional plan, where owners have control over projects, we allow the company to be the centre piece and have control over individual users inside their workspace.

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Own your workspace

Sharing an individual project to each and every team member of the company, every time you create a project is really tedious. Having a workspace eliminates this problem entirely. You can easily add all the employees of the company as members in your workspace. All members can create projects and each of those projects get automatically shared with all the members. If you add a new member, they will automatically get access to every project already available in workspace. This helps in getting each member, irrespective of their role & responsibility in the company, on the same page.

Often projects are needed to be shared with people outside of the organisation. For this, members can share their projects with their respective clients as guests. Guests can be provided with a controlled access to either only view the project or edit it, as per convenience. Our users don't get surcharged for inviting guests, therefore you can add as many as you prefer.

One of the major benefits of workspace is the privileges that come along with the workspace. Each workspace gets 200 GB of storage limit using which any member can create projects and upload data. Members can invite guests with 'view' or 'edit' permission to share projects with the respective clients. Unlike free or pro plan, there is no concept of project ownership. Therefore, in case a member leaves a company, the user won't have to worry about ownership transfer of projects whenever a member needs to be removed. Members can archive the projects but only admins can permanently delete the projects. At Indshine's Workspace it's almost impossible to lose valuable data by accident.

Apart from centralized workflow, billing is also an important concern for companies, therefore, Indshine Workspace allows the admins to have total control over the billing process. They can add, remove or even change their credit or debit card for payments. Invoices are important for companies to maintain their financial records. With Indshine's Team Plan, you will get invoices on a month-to-month basis along with the option to enter the company's name and address in the invoice. Everything related to billing and invoices is centralized with access only to the admins.

The ultimate perk of our Team Plan is personal account. Every member in a company's workspace will be provided with their own personal account. The personal accounts come with an allowance of 10GB of storage each and 4 personal projects. User's can use their personal account for learning or getting around Indshine's features. You can either use your personal data or sample data provided by us to test and learn how Indshine works.

The power of collaboration

When like-minded individuals work together, towards a common goal they can create magic. That's what makes us humans different and special from any other species on the planet, and that's what we want to enhance- our ability to work together as a community. Infrastructural or agricultural projects involve large numbers of individuals and information flow, which can quickly become complicated and messy. At Indshine, our goal is to bring people together so that they can do what they do best, but in a more convenient way.

So go ahead and experience a 14-days free trial of our Team Plan. In case of queries, feel free to reach us through the chat option.

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