Indshine is now avaialble as desktop apps for Mac & Windows

Online GIS software designed for teams

Indshine is a cloud-based, collaborative GIS application that allows teams to work on drone and satellite maps using any device - directly from the browser.


What you can do with Indshine

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Visualize multiple data layers

Visualize orthomosaic, elevation models, thermal & NDVI maps.

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Collaborate with team or clients

Share projects with your team and work collectively with remote access support

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Powerful Insights from drone data

Get quick insights from your maps using volume, profile and many more tools

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Secure & Accessable data

No need to spend hours to find your data. Keep it safe on our high security cloud

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No more hardware limitation

Browse your data at the highest resolution regardless of your device

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Public & Private projects

Keep your projects private or share using public access url. You’re the incharge

What our users think about us

With Indshine becoming the platform of choice, more & more organisations & drone-service providers are sharing their experience.

Velbrax Logo

Indshine is a new concept of map collaboration

You can choose who you want to share and what access they will have. It’s the best way to show my projects to existing and prospective clients.

Carlos Orion Picture

Carlos Orion

Co-founder, Velbrax Agro, Brazil

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With Indshine we are able to provide our clients with excellence.

With Indshine we are able to provide our clients with easy access and analysis of the up-to-date state of the construction sites.

Marko Culic Picture

Marko Culic

Head at AGS Geosystems, Serbia

Airlift Logo

Indshine’s web platform has worked us as a boon.

It has become much easier and more efficient in terms of sharing drone maps with our clients without worrying about their hardware specs.

Raj Bikram Picture

Raj Bikram Maharjan

CEO, Airlift, Nepal

Showcase or share your project anywhere

Embed your project on your website & blogs, showcase with others, reach more clients.

Visit the site without leaving your seat

Collaborate with everyone, at every phase

Each contributor owns their part of the creative process and stays in sync along the way—across any platform.

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Unleash the power of map intelligence

Plan, monitor and manage complex projects with actionable insights from drone maps. Increase your bottom line and increase return on your investments.




Measure crop performance with Indshine

Indshine aims to increase the crop yield of the farm by providing actionable insights.

With the support of vegetation indices optimize your resources to the areas which require attention.

Discover Agriculture using Indshine

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Indshine is a technology company that provides enterprise drone software and solutions for infrastructure, mining, forestry and other industries.

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